Jewelry maintenance 10 tips, how to maintain the jewelry life last longer

Jewelry maintenance tips, how to maintain the jewelry life last longer

In fact, jewelry maintenance is not a difficult task, here have serval tips you only need to carry out simple procedures after wearing to prolong the life of the jewelry.


What can damage silver/gold jewelry?

1. Chemical Materials

During wear, be careful not to come into contact with perfumes, skincare products, or other chemical products. When jewelry is exposed to chemicals for a prolonged period, it can corrode its metal and become damaged.


2. Swimming or showering with jewelry

When the jewelry is submerged in water, it will be damaged by chlorine, alkaline substances, or acidic substances, which will reduce the life of the jewelry. Be sure to remove the jewelry before swimming or showering to prolong its life.


3. Sweat

Body sweat may also damage jewelry to a certain extent, but the reactions will vary depending on the physique of the individual.


4. Sleeping with jewelry

Sleeping with jewelry can cause the jewelry to be deformed due to pressure.


5. Cleaning jewelry using toothpaste or baking soda

Toothpaste and baking soda contain particulates. When these products are used for cleaning jewelry, they may cause scratches on metals and jewelry.


6. Independent storage

Metals collide when you put different jewelry together, causing scratches and damage.


7. Cleaning

If you use water, a damp cloth, or a sonic cleaner, jewelry may shrink or oxidize.


Jewelry maintenance tips

1. Silver cleaning cloths

Use a silver cloth to gently remove stains and sweat from the silver jewelry after each wear.


2. Gold polishing cloths

If it is gold vermeil jewelry, it will be safer to use a gold polising cloths, but there is also a certain chance to wipe off the gold-plated layer on the surface.


3. Jewelry Box

Avoid prolonged exposure to the damp environment, strong sunlight or air, which will make the jewelry oxidize and turn black. After wearing it, put it in the jewelry box to avoid oxidation.


4. diluted soap

Put the jewelry in the diluted soap solution, use a soft brush to gently rub the diamonds, gems, and the holders, then rinse with water, and then dry the water with a soft cloth.
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