brass fashion round ring with natural brown gem stone

Type of Copper

Copper have mainly divided into three kinds of copper derivatives. The most common is Brass, which has more uses. Brass can be used in jewelry making or other industrial purposes. Cupronickel often used on coins.


  • Red copper

One of the purest copper products. It will quickly oxidize when used to make jewelry or decorations, but it is very popular among people who like retro style. Because of its characteristics, the more you wear it, the more retro it feels.


  • Brass

A copper alloy with zinc added. The color will be yellowish, close to gold. Generally, when making jewelry, an electroplating process is added to make the color of brass last longer. If brass did not have an electroplating process, it can also make a retro nostalgic feeling like red copper. 


  • Cupronickel

60% copper, 20% nickel and 20% zinc. The color is similar to silver. It is mostly used as traditional Miao jewelry, usually in handicrafts.


Copper Composition Table

Red Copper - 99% copper + Other alloy

Brass - 82-70% copper + Other alloy

Cupronickel - 60% copper + 20% nickel + 20% zinc


Precautions for Wearing Copper

Copper is a metal that is very sensitive to water. If it is not wiped dry after contact with water, it will easily rust and oxidize. Brass coated with a layer of precious metal will be less resistant to oxidation, but it must be protected with care.


Copper used for fine jewelry or fashion jewelry?

Generally speaking, brass can only appear in the field of fashion jewelry, because copper does not belong to the ranks of precious metals. In fact, both kinds of jewelry are very commonly used, but the quality and price of fine jewelry will be relatively reasonable.

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