The meaning of crystal

Crystal is a natural ore, also known as quartz. In the past, crystals have been used to make jewelry or carvings. The colors of crystals are very diverse. Crystals of different colors have different names. Crystals are divided into transparent and translucent, natural or artificially made. The most representative artificial crystal is the Swarovski crystal, with a clear transparent body and soft colors. 



The luster of transparent crystal is very thorough, like glass. The refractive index is 1.544-1.553, and it also has a good function of refracting light.



The hardness of the crystal is only about 7, and it is a natural ore that is easily damaged.Be careful when wearing it, and it is easy to cut or crack.


Crystal jewelry

For a long time, crystals have been used in jewelry design. Crystals in styles can create a mysterious and fashionable feeling. Crystals of different colors have different meanings and can also be used as representative stones for birthdays. If you believe it, crystals of different colors also have the effect of treating different parts of the body.


What do the colors of the crystals mean?

If you believe that crystals have energy and vibrational frequencies, the different colors of crystals will represent different parts of body and meanings.


What is the most 5 popular crystal?

1. White / Clear crystal

Meaning: Purity & Peace

White or transparent crystals are all about purification. Popular for its ability to amplify the energy of other crystals or selenites, it is considered a cleanser for any space.

Example: Clear quartz, selenite, apophyllite, white chalcedony, and moonstone


2. Red crystal

Meaning: Action & Power

Red crystals make us feel refreshed and energized. Because of this property, they can make people take action with enthusiasm, and their energy intensity is high and very raw.

ExampleRed jasper, ruby, vanadinite, garnet, and rubellite


3. Pink crystal

Meaning: Love & Compassion

The meaning of pink crystals is to bring a loving hug to your heart. Warm and compassionate. Pink gemstones heal emotions and are perfect for bringing more love and warmth into your life.

ExampleRose quartz, rhodochrosite, pink tourmaline, rhodonite, and pink opal


4. Orange crystal

Meaning: Creativity & Change

Orange crystal can bring us all kinds of exciting and limitless sources of inspiration. Whether it is just a piece of art, jewelry, or a rough stone, it can work well, and Orange crystals also help catalyze and support major changes in life.

ExampleSunstone, carnelian, orange calcite, sunset aura quartz, and amber


5. Yellow crystal

Perfect for expressing our truest selves, yellow crystals represent sunshine, light, optimism, and yellow crystals also help strengthen our belief in personal power, so feel free to work with them when you need a boost of confidence.

Example: Citrine, golden onyx, honey calcite, yellow jasper, and sulfur quartz

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