What is Moissanite?

Moissanite is an artificial gemstone that is closest to the hardness and luster of diamonds. The substance is silicon carbide crystals.


Is moissanite a real diamond?

It was discovered in 1893 by a French chemist named Henri Moissan, so it named after him. In 1997, the jewelry industry regarded Moissanite as a new jewelry and used as a substitute for diamonds.


Moissanite grade

Moissanite also divided into different grades like diamonds, such as DEF, GHI, and JKMN. The most common ones in the market will be DEF and GHI. Although it is not a natural gem, its quality can also reach the grade of South African diamonds. The highest level will be DEF, and the next level will be GHI.



The refractive index of Moissanite is between 2.65-2.69, which is higher than diamond. The diamond fire is 0.104, which is about 2times higher than diamond, but the refraction of diamond is more variable than Moissanite.



The hardness of Moissanite is lower than diamond, but its hardness can reach 9.25-9.5, while the hardness of diamond can reach 10. Moissanite will be easier to cut, and it can make different refraction angles.



The price of Moissanite is lower than diamonds, because it is an artificial gemstone. Even if all the values ​​are very close to diamonds, the price is not closer that a diamond. The highest grade of Moissanite price can be very high, but it still cannot be compared with diamonds.


Moissanite jewelry

As an engagement ring, there are already a lot of choices today. If you want an eternal symbol, you also have enough ability to choose high-level jewelry, like diamonds and platinum rings will be your choice. But you believe that two people can be together by fate without being bound by definition of the world. Moissanite with sterling silver Platinum-plated rings is also a great choice to represent the symbolic meaning of two people being able to be destined to be together.

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