What are the two major types of pearls?

Natural pearls are divided into two categories:

Freshwater pearls and Seawater pearls.

Pearls are ancient organic gemstones used as jewelry. In old times, pearls were formed naturally. Nowadays, most of the pearls are artificially cultivated and the finished product will be better, and the price is relatively reasonable. Real natural pearls, with a perfect body will be valuable. There are also some artificially made pearls such as: shell pearls, plastic pearls, etc.


What are the kinds of pearls?

 There have 5 different types of pearls for jewelry:

1. Akoya Pearls

2. South Pacific Pearls

3. Tahitian Pearls

4. Freshwater Pearl

5. Baroque Pearl


Akoya pearls

Akoya pearl is a seawater pearls. In Japanese, Akoya stands for Ma’s shell, and the Seto Inland Sea of ​​Japan is the only place where Akoya pearls are produced. Akoya pearls are divided into different grades such as Tennyo, Hanadama and so on. They are also divided into AAA, AA+, AA, A.


South pacific pearls

South Pacific pearls are the most valuable of pearls. Their growth cycle takes about 6 years. Because they are natural resources, South Pacific pearls can only be captured in the ocean.The capture locations in South Pacific include: Northwest Australia, Indonesia, and the Philippines. South Pacific pearls have a natural luster and do not require subsequent processing. The colors vary from white, silver to gold. The stronger the golden color, the rarer the South Pacific pearls.


Tahitian pearls

Tahitian pearl is a natural gem full of mystery. The pearl oyster has very strict requirements for seawater, and few pearls are successfully cultivated. Its color ranges from metallic silver to black, because the production cost is relatively high, the price is also high. The stronger the black or dark green Tahitian pearls, the rarer they are.


Freshwater pearls

Freshwater pearl is a pearl measured from freshwater, which is a natural material commonly used in jewelry, and it is also a kind of pearl with more output. Although the output is large, there are different grades, and the perfect round shape with few defects is more precious.


Baroque Pearl

Baroque Pearl is an irregular non-spherical pearl. Shapes can range from slightly distorted to distinctly oval, curved, extruded, or blocky shapes. Most cultured freshwater pearls are baroque because freshwater pearls have mantle cores rather than bead cores.


Cotton pearls

As early as the 19th century, a new type of jewelry substance called cotton pearl was created in France, and it was not brought to the market again by Japan until the 21st century. Cotton pearl is a kind of artificial pearl with cotton as the main element, which is made unique by high-pressure technology with the wrinkled texture and cotton pearls also a commonly used material in jewelry design. The weight of cotton pearls is very light, and the price is very reasonable.


Shell pearls

Shell pearls use shell powder and pearl shell powder as the main elements, mixed and polished with advanced techniques. Artificial pearls with bright luster and smooth surface. Shell pearls are the closest substitute to natural pearls, with similar colors. Under the prerequisite of environmental protection, shell pearls are the best environmentally friendly products, but compared with natural pearls, they lack natural characteristics and changeable shapes.



The color of seawater pearls is changeable, but freshwater pearls are gentle and elegant. Akoya pearls are most representative of pearls with aurora luster, South Pacific pearls are gold, and Tahitian pearls are black and dark green.


Pearls jewelry

Pearls have been used for jewelry design for a long time. Pearls have always been a kind of high-end jewelry that can represent nobleness. Whether it is freshwater or seawater pearls, it symbolizes purity and nobility. At weddings, white wedding dresses combined with purity pearls can make the bride become a focus under the spotlight and present the most beautiful moment, also represent the pure love for them.


Pearl fashion

Today, many young girls use pearls as fashion accessories. Simple white pearl earrings can bring out a gentle side. Now there is no specific clothing to wear pearls, and they have begun to become a symbol of youth .

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