Which is better 18K white gold or platinum?

Platinum is a natural precious metal. Divided into Pt 900/ Pt 950, its natural color is white, and it is more expensive than gold because it is more rare than gold. When it is used to make jewelry, the color can be well preserved, and it can never fade or change color. Platinum is a precious metal with a higher purity ratio, so it is suitable for people with metal allergies. At present, only platinum with a purity of more than 85% can use the Pt mark.


18k white gold vs platinum

18K white gold is a kind of gold product. Its main component is gold. It is added with nickel, copper, zinc and other alloys. Its natural color is yellowish, and it appears white after adding other metals. But 18K white gold is harder than platinum. When making jewelry, the design can be richer, and the color is more beautiful. 18K or 750 will be used as the mark.



Among high-end jewelry and fine jewelry products, platinum or 18K white gold must be the first choice for engagement rings. This precious metal with diamonds is very beautiful and shows a unique luster under different light sources. Platinum and diamonds also represent eternity. But now, Moissanite with sterling silver plated platinum as an engagement ring also is a choice, which will be cheaper in price, and Moissanite can also make a diamond-grade luster.


Rarity of Platinum

The rarity of platinum is 35 times higher than that of gold. Only a few places in the world can mined platinum, such as South Africa and Russia, as well as a few areas in Zimbabwe, Canada, and South America. It takes 5 months to refine platinum. Platinum mines are also rarer than gold mines, and the ratio is about 1 platinum to 10 gold.


Durability of Platinum

Platinum is very durable. Under normal circumstances, platinum is not easy to be scratched, but only transfers the metal. When other precious metals are scratched, the metal volume will be reduced.


Guide to Buying Platinum Jewelry

Platinum jewelry is pure and naturally hypoallergenic, making it the perfect choice for those with sensitive skin

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