Sterling Silver

What is the meaning of Sterling Silver(s925)?

Sterling silver jewelry is roughly divided into three categories, namely: S925, S990, and S999. The purity is highest with S999 but the hardness is relatively soft, and the purity of S925 is lower but the hardness is the highest.


Sterling silver composition table

S925 - 92.5% silver + Other alloy

S990 - 99.0% silver + Other alloy

S999 - 99.9% silver + Other alloy


What does s925 mean of jewelry?

The purity of jewelry generally sold on the market is S925, because the pure silver of S990/S999 is relatively soft, the craftsmanship required to make jewelry is relatively high and difficult to make, and it is easy to deform and scratch the surface when it is worn. S925 The jewelry is a kind of more commonly used sterling silver jewelry, its hardness is higher than S990/S999, and it will not be easily deformed.


Type of sterling silver

There are many different types of Sterling silver such as Thai silver, Tibetan silver, Mian silver, recycled silver, etc. What are the differences between them and which ones are not sterling silver?


What does Thai Silver mean?

Thai silver is a kind of silver jewelry with purity like S925, but its unique feature is the production method. Thai silver uses ancient silver-making techniques to make more distinctive jewelry. The mixture of silver and sulfur on silver jewelry is also called melting "Black Silver". The silver jewelry looks like a worn-out effect, and it is not easy to change color.


Meaning of Tibetan Silver

Tibetan silver is a kind of Tibetan jewelry. A long time ago, its silver content was about 30%, but now most of the products found on the market are cupronickel products.


Is Miao silver a sterling silver?

Miao silver is important jewelry of the Miao nationality and wedding supplies used in weddings. It itself refers to pure silver. But today, its main components are copper and a small amount of silver or none at all. But the characteristic of Miao silver is that it is made by hand. The patterns are exquisite and meaningful.


Is Recycled Silver good?

Recycled silver is a product of modern environmental protection. It uses high temperature and other techniques to separate old silver products from silver and other metals. The separated silver is more than 990 pure silver. Nowadays, many jewelry designs have added recycled silver elements. Sterling silver above 990 is relatively soft, so it is easy to deform when worn.


Is sterling silver a fine jewelry?

Sterling silver has always been one of the precious metals. If sterling silver used as a material for jewelry, it can be a fine jewelry.

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