Is zirconia a real diamond?

Zircons divided into two categories: Natural, and artificially manufactured. These two types of zircons can also use as substitutes for diamonds. They have different colors and can be using in different designs. The natural zircon’s diamond fire Similar to diamond, but more rigid, not mirror-refracted like diamonds.


Zirconia grade

Natural / Cubic zirconia is divided into 5 grades, namely: A, AA, AAA, AAAA, AAAAA. The AAAAA grade is the highest grade, with the highest purity and permeability, and the lowest is the A grade. Although the price of natural zircon is not very high, it has the title of diamond substitute.



The refractive index of zircon is 1.92-1.96, and its stability is really nice. Among natural minerals, it is the closest gemstone to the refractive index of diamond.



Compared with the hardness of natural zircon, zircon has a hardness of only 7.5, and the artificial gem Moissanite is the closest substitute to diamond, which can reach a hardness of 9.25 to 9.5.



Both natural and cubic zircons jewelry are very reasonable in price and can be a substitute for diamonds below Moissanite.


Zirconia Jewelry

In modern jewelry design, a lot of natural or artificial zircons has been used, because of its transparent effect and reasonable price, and it can be more effective in design. Ordinary flat rings or earrings, adding a small amount of colorless zircon can make jewelry fashionable and noble.


Cubic Zirconia (CZ)

CZ diamond is an artificial gemstone, which can also called Sona diamond. Cubic zirconia is harder than natural zircon and can reach 8.5. It is lower in price than natural zircon. Because of its hardness, in jewelry making CZ diamond is easier and durable. The cubic zirconia can also be made in different colors to match with different designs.


What do Different Colors Zirconia Mean

The different colors of zircon can represent different birthday months:

Garnet - January

Amethyst - February

Aquamarine - March

Clear - April

Emerald - May

Alexandrite - June

Rudy - July

Peridot - August

Sapphire - September

Pink - October

Topaz - November

Blue Topaz - December

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