Fine Jewelry

What is Fine Jewelry?

Fine Jewelry refers to some precious metals that use precious metal as jewelry-making materials. Some relatively noble natural gems will also be added, such as diamonds, sapphires, pearls, etc.


Type of jewelry

There are different names for the types of jewelry, such as High jewelry, Fine jewelry, and Fashion jewelry, etc. You may have heard of various names before, but do you really know the difference?


The durability of fine jewelry

When you compare other types of jewelry such as fashion jewelry, because fashion jewelry includes the material of brass, to a certain extent, the precious metals used in fine jewelry will be more durable than fashion jewelry.


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how to clean fine jewelry

When you wear fine jewelry each time, you can use a silver/gold cleaning cloth to clean the surface of the jewelry. Some dirt or human sweat will chemically react with the jewelry, causing the jewelry to lose luster or oxidize.


How to store fine jewelry

After the surface of the jewelry is cleaned, it can be placed in a separate jewelry box or placed independently. Never place the jewelry at will, as it will cause cracks or wear under different collisions.


Can you wear fine jewelry in the shower?

If you want to prolong the wearing life of jewelry, You have to know how to maintain jewelry. In the bath/shower, soap and water will have different chemicals that will damage the surface of precious metals and cause them to lose luster or oxidize, it is best to take it off when you take a bath/shower.


Is gold vermeil a fine jewelry?

Basically, gold vermeil can also be regarded as a kind of fine jewelry. This gold plating process uses pure silver as the underlying material and pure gold thick plating.


What's difference between fine jewelry, fashion jewelry, and high jewelry?

Each type of jewelry has its uniqueness and can be used on different occasions. Fashion jewelry is suitable for people who are not allergic and can be worn without any scruples. Fine jewelry has hypoallergenic properties, suitable for everyone, and the price is quite reasonable. High jewelry uses high-grade precious metals, which can have eye-catching and dazzling effects on certain occasions.


Fine jewelry vs Fashion jewelry

Usually, there are two different jewelry names. Which one is better? Just like the aforementioned Fine jewelry uses precious metals, it will have a longer wearing life. Fashion jewelry uses not precious metal as the main element, and there is also a chance of skin allergies, it is also called costume jewelry.

Fine jewelry vs High jewelry

When it comes to high-end jewelry, you will be reminded of the priceless feeling. High jewelry uses the highest-grade precious metals and natural gemstones as the main materials of jewelry, and fine jewelry is affordable precious metal jewelry that can be generously matched with different outfits.

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