About Us

About Frigghk

Frigghk is a jewelry company based in Hong Kong. We hope to bring some unique designs to every wearer, so that every wearer can become a unique and beautiful individual.
Jewelry making table with jewelry designer team at Frigghk workshop

 Our Story

Frigghk jewelry have joined forces to create a new contemporary style of luxury jewelry and accessories. We will unveil some unique products for everyone to match in daily life and add some features to everyone's already gorgeous fashion. Most of Frigghk's jewelry uses 925 sterling silver (S925) as the main material, because S925 silver is more suitable for jewelry than pure silver, and the hardness is moderate and can be adjusted. The golden design will continue to use S925 silver as the main element, and is made of 14k or 18k real gold vermeil method, which can make the gold jewelry last longer and more durable.

Frigghk jewelry workshop with jewelry making tools

Purpose for Us

Frigghk aims to provide all with a jewelry and accessory experience that is unforgettable. We focus on every detail to create fashionable, beautiful and intriguing jewelry and accessories. We will use different materials such as Mother of pearl, Crystal, Labradorite, Moonstone, etc. to boldly design, in the unrestricted direction, there is more room for imagination in design, so that everyone can have a new accessory experience.