Is Frigghk using Real Gold for jewelry?

Yes! Frigghk's jewelry uses true 18k solid gold for jewelry vermeil process, using high-tech thick vermeil method to plated with a real gold thickness between 1 to 2.5 microns. It shows the brilliance of gold, making the jewelry sparkle. And silver jewelry is mostly plated with platinum, which increases the durability and luster of the jewelry and can be kept longer.

How can I store the jewelry after use?

Our jewelry will include a Frigghk's jewelry pouch, which can be cleaned with a silver wiping cloth after each wear and then placed in the Frigghk's jewelry pouch. For more jewelry maintenance information, please go to the Jewelry Maintenance.

What Metal will Frigghk use?

Frigghk's jewelry mainly uses sterling silver as a design element. Some time for the design need, we may use other material such as stainless steel or brass. It will decide which material to use according to the way the designer wants to express it. Each product will list the materials used on the product page. For more information, please refer to the product detail on the product page.

What Diamond will Frigghk use?

Frigghk's jewelry uses Cubic Zirconia as the design elements of diamond jewelry. Cubic zirconia has the characteristics of being easy to polish and can be changed more flexibly in design. 

How long for the order process?

After the order is completed, please allow us 5-7 days to process, and we will send the goods as soon as possible. Once the goods are sent, you will receive a notification email.

How long for the shipping process?

For some information about shipping, please go to our shipping page for more details.

What if I don't like my product?

Regarding the return, if you are not happy with your product, you can return it within 14days of when you receive the product. However, we do not include the transportation costs related to the return. For more details, please check the Return Policy.

Is it security shopping in Frigghk?

YES! Shopping on Frigghk is 100% safe. Our online shopping platform has a security system. You can shop on our platform at ease without worrying about the data breach of credit card or personal information.

How to adjust inlaid jewelry?

Adjustable inlaid jewelry may have a chance of falling gems during adjustment. If you want to reduce the falling of gems, please refer to the page on how to adjust inlaid jewelry: more