Ring Size Guide & Chart

Ring Size Guide 


When buying a ring, there are sizes like No.6, 7, 8, etc. How can I effectively find the ring size I need?

The 3 Most Common Ways to Measure Ring Sizes

Finger-sizing gauges for measure ring size

1. Finger-sizing gauges

This is a metal ring commonly used by professional jewelers or jewelry stores. There are rings of different sizes hanging on a large circle. Just try different rings and you will know the size you need.

The disadvantage is that Finger-sizing gauges will connect a dozen rings of different sizes, which is not very convenient.

Plastic finger sizer for measure ring size


2. Plastic finger sizer

One of the most commonly used and convenient tools now, it can easily and simply know the size you need. Just put on and pull it close to your finger. There is also a clear scale on the Plastic finger sizer, so it is very convenient.

The disadvantage is that sometimes it can be stretched too tight or too loose, so the size will be off. And too little is easy to lose.

Rope, paper and ruler for measure ring size

3. Rope, paper and ruler

The easiest way, a tool that may be found at home, is very simple, just loop the rope or paper around the finger where the ring needs to be worn, and then point the length of the loop with a pen or finger and place it on the ruler. But it may take multiple attempts to succeed. Here is a video tutorial

Ring Chart

Different countries have their own ring size numbers, sometimes it may be confusing

Frigghk Jewelry ring chart - 戒指尺寸表